Christina Valenzuela has been a certified Natural Family Planning instructor since 2013, and recently launched her Cycle Prep programs as a way to begin conversations about body literacy with our daughters. It is her answer to the question so many couples ask during NFP instruction:

"Why wasn't I taught this sooner?"

As a Catholic wife and mother, she knows how hard it can be to talk with our children about their changing bodies and wants to equip parents to have these conversations in ways that are natural, empowering, and in line with our Catholic faith.

As an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, Christina wrote a senior thesis on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body as a Call to Service. Her body literacy programs draw on the teachings of JPII and the rich history of our faith.

While Cycle Prep Menarche and Charting courses are not explicitly religious, Christina hopes her programs awaken a respect for the dignity of our bodies and play at least a small part towards building a Culture of Care to support all girls and women surrounding cycles and menstruation.

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Gather the whole family to learn about how our Catholic faith respects our bodies as important and integral to our humanity. Reflect on how we are all created in the image and likeness of God, the Resurrection of the Body, and meet a great 20th century Saint who taught us a lot about the Language of the Body.