Did you know that...

teenage girls experience more anovulatory cycles than grown women?

the main event in our menstrual cycle is ovulation, not our period?

cycle hormones impact our energy levels, moods, and even our sleep?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that adolescent girls be taught how to accurately chart their period patterns as a vital sign for their health.*

But tracking periods only gets you a little bit of information! In order to accurately chart what's going on in your WHOLE CYCLE, you need to see what's going on "beyond the bleed."

*ACOG, Menstruation in Girls and Adolescents: Using the Menstrual Cycle as a Vital Sign, Committee Opinion #651

My name is Christina, and I'm a cycle educator and a mom.

I've worked as a fertility educator since 2013 and you know what my clients keep asking me: "why didn't we get this education when we were growing up?"


I believe there's a way we can teach our girls about their cycles-- their WHOLE CYCLES -- to help them navigate puberty, periods, and those awkward conversations with the doctor.

And I believe we can do all of that without needing to teach them a full method of family planning.

Instead, we can teach them how to chart to look for ovulation as a healthy sign.

After all, isn't that what growing girls want to know?

Am I normal?

Am I healthy?

What's actually going on in my body?

And now there's a course to help you do all that!

This colorful 40-page workbook and guide will teach her:

  • what happens with hormones during the menstrual cycle
  • how the first few years of cycling are different (because your body is learning!)
  • how to keep various types of charts (including apps!)
  • observing signs of ovulation and cycle health
  • tracking moods + energy through the cycle
  • about different types of cycles (long, short, "anovulatory", etc.)

It is divided into two sections:

Basic Charting (ages 11-16): teaches her how to keep a wheel chart, and to observe simple cervical fluid cues along with moods, energy levels, and other info she's like to track!

Advanced Charting (ages 16+): teaches her how to look for ovulation as a healthy sign, and to assess the phases of her cycle for regularity. Introduces options for temping and keeping a graph chart.

But that's not all!

The Charting Guide for Girls course contains lots of bonus materials for flexible learning styles!

With your course you also get...

Video: Tips for Observing Fluid

Sometimes reading descriptions on a page (even with helpful pictures) isn't quite enough! Christina uses common household materials to describe sensation and appearance of normal, healthy fluid variations throughout a girl's cycle.

Videos: Charting Help

Additional videos walk through keeping a wheel chart, as well as providing a step-by-step guide to all of the Advanced practice charts at the end!

So Many Charting Options!

Cycle Prep comes loaded with various charting options and templates, including a wheel chart, standard graph, AND completely customized teen charting templates to use for my recommend app, Read Your Body!

What are Moms Saying?

Thank you so much for your excellent work! It helps me as a mom to explain to my daughters the beauty of God's creation of them and their bodies; to give them practical knowledge and empower them with understanding and wisdom of how their bodies work!

- Mary Kate

I am very grateful for your hard work creating this resource that will be so helpful to educate our girls!

- Ana

Thank you so much! This guide teaches respect for her body and provides important information to help her doctor in a way that's clear and easy to understand!


Download the Guide and Begin Today!


Learn the Language of Your Body

42-page charting guide, with supplemental informational videos and downloadable charting materials

This self-paced learning guide begins with the Basic Guide to charting (for girls within the first 3-4 years of cycling) and follows with the Advanced Guide to charting which will help girls identify ovulation as a sign of health!

Course comes with supplemental videos to walk through fluid observations and sample charts, as well as Cycle Prep chart files

Bright Images and Engaging Text

invite girls in to the process of cycle charting in a way that puts them in control! When equipped with the right knowledge, every girl can be empowered to understand her unique cycle and learn to appreciate her growing body.

Keeping Parents Involved

Parents may want to give this guide to their daughters and allow them to work through on their own, but there is much to be said for working through it together.

By going through the text, watching videos, and doing sample charts with her, you can create a strong foundation of communication with your daughter about this important topic.