Do you ever feel like menstrual cycles and periods are confusing?

Would you like to feel more confident knowing what's going on with your changing body?

Are you interested in learning your body's patterns and trying to "decode" what is going on throughout your unique menstrual cycle?

The process of keeping track of changes throughout our menstrual cycle is called "charting." This is a powerful tool which can give you a lot of self-knowledge-- not just about periods, but about many aspects of life which are affected by cyclical hormones including our moods, our energy levels, and even our relationships!

This Charting Guide for Girls will teach you what to look for in cycle charting, how to record it, and what some of the observations on your charts could mean.

What This Guide Offers

  • Flexible learning levels: includes both Basic (aged 11-16) and Advanced (aged 16+) charting techniques

  • Focus on charting as a sign for health and self-knowledge

  • Body-positive approach to understanding and observing cycles

  • Video instruction for visual and audio learning, with assistance working through observation techniques and practice charts

  • An in-depth look at cycles to help you assess if charts and signs fall into normal, healthy presentation patterns or if you would want to ask a doctor


  • Basic Guide: periods, cervical fluid, moods, and custom options (wheel chart)
  • Advanced Guide: periods, cervical fluid, temperatures, moods, and custom options (graph chart)

Download the Guide and Begin Today!


Learn the Language of Your Body

42-page charting guide, with supplemental informational videos and downloadable charting materials

This self-paced learning guide begins with the Basic Guide to charting (for girls within the first 3-4 years of cycling) and follows with the Advanced Guide to charting which will help girls identify ovulation as a sign of health!

Course comes with supplemental videos to walk through fluid observations and sample charts, as well as Cycle Prep chart files

Bright Images and Engaging Text

invite girls in to the process of cycle charting in a way that puts them in control! When equipped with the right knowledge, every girl can be empowered to understand her unique cycle and learn to appreciate her growing body.

Keeping Parents Involved

Parents may want to give this guide to their daughters and allow them to work through on their own, but there is much to be said for working through it together.

By going through the text, watching videos, and doing sample charts with her, you can create a strong foundation of communication with your daughter about this important topic.